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President Saunders' 观点, Op-Eds and Podcast Interviews

Dr. 玛莎D. Saunders shares her insights as University President through viewpoints, op-eds and podcast interviews.

2023年12月3日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

The 九州体育博彩bet9 proves that the fusion of arts and sciences enhances education and prepares students for a collaborative, 创造性的未来. Read my latest viewpoint in the 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志 on how UWF is breaking barriers by implementing STEAM projects on campus and in the classroom.

2023年10月22日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

UWF's contributions go beyond classrooms — they encompass the preservation of history and service. October is American Archives Month, and we celebrate our strong ties to Pensacola and its rich heritage through the UWF Archives and Historic Pensacola. Read more about our archives and innovative projects that showcase history's relevance in our community in my latest viewpoint in the 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志.

2023年9月24日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

UWF achieved a historic enrollment record this year with more than 14,000 students joining us this fall — our highest enrollment in 56 years. Read my latest viewpoint in the 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志 on how UWF is shaping a diverse campus, focusing on student success and adding in-demand programs.

2023年9月3日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

From its 30 properties serving residents, 它的公共广播, its many school camps - and most importantly through its people - UWF is a vital partner.

2023年7月23日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

College is a big investment of time and money and should not be undertaken lightly. And with a robust job market, why go to the bother? I can think of a few reasons.

2023年4月30日 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

With a new comprehensive master plan awaiting implementation, walkability is a front-and-center issue at UWF. I walk the Pensacola campus almost every day and find it gives me a greater appreciation for campus activity, traffic flow and the general mood of our students.

2023年2月18日 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

College is a great place to fall in love, and a lot of people do. Many meet their life partners on campus. Some researchers believe that people who meet in college make the absolute best married couples.

2022年12月31日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

As we wrap up the last few days of 2022, I'm reminded of the days and months spent fulfilling our mission as a leading institution of higher learning. The 九州体育博彩bet9 continues to reach for the stars. We had record enrollment, record gifts, national recognitions and so much more. Read about all the recognitions and rewards that rolled in for #UWF in 2022 in my recent viewpoint in the 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志.

2022年11月6日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

How do we ensure a climate of civility and inclusion on a university campus at a time when we seem to be so far apart as a nation? The subject means enough to us at UWF that we added it as a direction on our newly approved strategic plan.

2022年8月21日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

首页。town universities bring many great things to a community, and the 九州体育博彩bet9 is no exception. You might be surprised to learn UWF’s contributions go far beyond educating students.

2022年7月23日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

In 2017, UWF received a gift that perfectly reflects the hearts of two wonderful individuals – and the heart of the 九州体育博彩bet9. Until now, the American Dream Scholarship Endowment donor has remained anonymous. Here is the rest of the story.

2022年7月3日| 彭萨科拉九州体育博彩bet9杂志

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us the importance of the flow of goods, and what can happen when industries around the world shut down. 现在, 更甚于以往, supply chain professionals are essential to help companies solve important logistics and supply chain problems.

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